News for July!!

First off, I’d like to apologize for being a bit late on posting the news for the North Carolina Honor and Remember chapter.  Things have been hectic and I’ve been busy trying to get the website situated, raffle tickets sorted out, etc.  The Ride for the Fallen that took place in June was a huge success.  We raised over $2000 at the ride and had a huge turnout.  I’d like to post another big thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered for the event as well as to all of you who came and participated in the ride.  Without all of you, this would not have been possible.

With that being said, Honor and Remember does not have any upcoming events in the near future.  We will be at a couple locations passing out information this fall and may have another fundraiser during that time as well.  However, we do still have the raffle going on for the memory chest, battle cross and gift basket.  Just a reminder, you do NOT need to be local to participate in this raffle.  We will work out shipping or pickup/dropoff if you are not available or nearby for the drawing (which will be held in November).  Additionally, I have set up a new place for you guys to view our items on Square Market.  While we do still have the PayPal invoices if you prefer to pay that way, we felt this site would be better for displaying all of your options.  You can also purchase your annual banquet tickets at this site.  Please go to to check it out.  Additionally, I have added a link to it on the navigation menu titled “NC Store.”  If you want to go to the National store, you can find it under the “National” drop down menu.  Please keep in mind you will ONLY find our raffle tickets and banquet tickets in the NC Store.  We are hoping to be able to offer more purchase options on this site in the future.  If you have any questions using this website or would prefer to still use the PayPal option, please feel free to email me personally at  Of course you can always email the chapter as well at

As I mentioned we do still have the annual chapter banquet coming up in November.  You can now purchase those banquet tickets for $35 at the Square site.  If you are a Gold Star family and would like to attend, please contact us at for your discount code.  Again, if you’d prefer to use PayPal or write a check, email us for the information.  Thank you!

I know this is a slightly longer post, but we’ve had a lot going on!  Thank you again to all of our volunteers, board members, and participants in our events.  Without all of you we couldn’t keep this chapter going.  If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact us for more information.  We are looking for multiple positions to be held.  We are asking for a commitment to the end of the year.  Of course if you would like to continue with your position next year, that would be greatly appreciated too!  Thank you again to everyone!


Ronni Knepp, Secretary

NC Chapter, Honor and Remember

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